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OD: Kenny are you there?
BI: yo sup
OD: Are you busy.
BI: lol kinda
BI: but I can ~~find some time~~
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OD: kenny
OD: im going to do it
BI: do what
OD: Okay so, let's say I DID know where my quest bed was.
OD: And let's say I just didn't KNOW exactly the best way
OD: to kill myself.
BI: open your femoral
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FrenchNinjaMasta hEy, HoOdIe BrO
TC: jAcKeT dUdE
BI: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey dude sup sup
TC: yO dAwG, i HeArD yOu KnOw ThInGs
BI: hahahah I know all kinds of shit
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-- bootyInspector [BI] started pestering omniponentDictator [OD] --
BI: yo eric, sup
OD: I'm done searching. I'm fucking. DONE.
BI: looking for what hahah
OD: Fucking.... Gregory gave us the coordinates for the beds but like FUCK I can find them. I think he lied.
BI: dude why would he lie about that shit
OD: Because he has it out for me! Why else would it take me this long?
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-- bootyInspector[BI] has begun pestering hatesGuarddogs[HGD] --

BI: so dude like
BI: mannnn how do I put this
BI: sup, first of all lol
HGD: hi kenny hah
HGD: it has been a little while and i am glad you are not permanently dead
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CT: D--> Kenny human
BI: yo sup dude
CT: D--> I understand you have in the past been
CT: D--> Intimate with Christophe
BI: hahah yeah
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--bootyInspector [BI] has started pestering caligulasAquarium [CA]!--

BI: yo hey dude what's a bucket and why'd it be embarrassing for your dad to find it
CA: no
BI: :| mann
BI: where's terezita I'll ask her lol
CA: wwhy on fuckin troll titans twisted taint wwould you wwant to knoww
BI: multiculturalism :D
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--centaursTesticle [CT] has started trolling bootyInspector [BI]!--

CT: D--> Have any of your species managed to beat your denizens
BI: uhhhh no not yet
CT: D--> Good
BI: christophe got there but died, sucks for him lol
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hateGuarddogs[HG] has begun pestering bootyInspector[BI]

HG: kenny why is everyone acting like a fucking bitch

HG: it is pissing me the fuck off

BI: lol dude how so

HG: it is mostly gregory

HG: he is all pissy about some shit and i do not know what

BI: about the shit where you died or like?

HG: just mostly fucking bullshit about everything

HG: but probablement that oui

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BI: lol dude you kick eric's ass yet ?
KTS: Dude, nah, not even yet.
Trust me, fatass is going to get what's coming to him.
So long as it doesn't involve aliens and I guess public flogging.
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BI: heyyyy miss neko-chan sup
AC: *ac scrunches her nose and sniffs the stranger, d33ming him safe*
AC: :33 < hello orange human
BI: oh shit is this some rp shit here??
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BI: we'll all sit around on a couch smoking weed & watching price is right

BI: ultimate date night

BI: all other suitors go home



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bootyInspector[BI] has begun pestering hateGuarddogs[HG]

BI: yo christooooooooooooophe

HG: quoi

BI: dude what's your like

BI: ~~~land of destiny~~~

BI: and shit

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