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bootyInspector[BI] has begun pestering hateGuarddogs[HG]

BI: yo christooooooooooooophe

HG: quoi

BI: dude what's your like

BI: ~~~land of destiny~~~

BI: and shit

HG: its fucking 

HG: pits everywhere

BI: hahah sounds perfect 

HG: and foggy as fuck which is bullshit for sniping

BI: gotta just melee those imps man

BI: brawl style 

HG: yes i have been beheading with shovels

BI: lol awesome

BI: plz say they spit out like

BI: a bigass fountain of fucking gusher money

BI: like in shitty b rate zombie movies

HG: instead of blood oui

HG: its fucking ridiculous

BI: no dude that's hella sweet

BI: like, except the part where they're dumbfuck game monsters and shit but 

BI: whatever works   

HG: it is just nice to kill shit without caring about it

HG: they are weak as shit

HG: my fucking hand doesn't even cause a fucking problem

HG: they are so goddamn easy

BI: yeah dude they're pretty shitty

HG: it is getting a little harder but i cannot  help but think this game is for fucking pussies

BI: some of them are bigger though a bunch of fucking talking iguanas are hanging at my house cuz a bigass one stomped their village or something

BI: like a fucking Disney movie up here

BI: and yeahhhh dude I don't thing the like

BI: imps are the whole game?

HG: they had better not be they are fucking bullshit

BI: hahahah 

HG: even the big ones are still easy it is just four shovel hits and dead and more candies

HG: that you can't fucking eat fucking pointless

BI: dude you wanna eat gushers? those things taste like ass man

BI: like literally hahah

HG: not literally

HG: i would know hah

HG: but oui they are not the best but still

HG: who the fuck shapes money like that it is bullshit

BI: dumbass like 

BI: dunno, who makes games where you can make giant weapons out of liquor bottles lol

HG: oui this game is fucked up as fuck

HG: i can shoot bullets out of my fucking shovel now it is fucking ridiculous

BI: niiiiiiiiiice

BI: if you can see where you're shooting at least haha

HG: not fucking here fucking bullshit

BI: well dude you could come hang here

BI: or go to one of those big colored cities? the purple gold ones?

BI: or fuck maybe there's other ones maybe everybody gets their own weirdass magical city full of bug dudes

HG: oui anything would be better than all this fucking blinding yellow

BI: oh damn dude you in the one eric's in?

HG: i don't fucking know but its fucking bullshit it is all fucking awful and there is no dirt

BI: bummer dude 

HG: i like it better here

HG: at least there are pits

HG: and fucking easyass bitches to kill

BI: even if you can't see jack shit lol

HG: they're all fuckign bullshit 

HG: oui whatever

HG: it makes me feel not so fucking incapacitated from no fingers

HG: fucking hands fucking bullshit

BI: yeah :-/

HG: i have got to fucking get that fixed it makes typing annoying as all fucking fuck too

HG: i should have made something handsless

BI: oh yeah dude make like, a sweetass from headset or shit

BI: that'd look way badass

HG: like a fucking faggot you mean but at least it would not be obnoxious

BI: nah dude like all 90s matrix fake hacker shit lol 

BI: so yeah like a fag

HG: oui

HG: exactement

BI: hahahah

BI: or just get a hat or shit

BI: I messed around with my hoodie and got a HoodyCall its convenient as balls

HG: i do not like hats

HG: they fall off and get in the way

HG: i will see if my tags can make something

BI: yeah!

HG: they are just hanging there anyway useless like my fucking hand

BI: do a whole like, holographic star wars thing

BI: put like 

HG: hah

BI: dunno something else cool in them too 

BI: like mini shovel or some shit

HG: it is called a spade kenny even i know that

BI: dude I dunno what the fuck it's called

BI: there's like shovel

BI: and big shovel

BI: and little shovel

BI: and the weird shovel brush you put in your car trunk for when the weather shits snow lol

BI: that's more like a scraper I guess 

BI: whatever haha

HG: shovels are important kenny

BI: nah dude I know 

BI: but are their names that important 

HG: oui

HG: everything.

BI: no dude legit like

BI: lol 

BI: alright 

HG: oui.

HG: regardless

HG: i have combined them

HG: it is a fucking mess

BI: good mess or shitty mess?

HG: but i can type without hands if i shout loud enough

HG: i guess okay

HG: it is just

HG: ugly as fuck

HG: shovels are pure and should not be combined with things that are not guns

BI: dunno my shovel bong is pretty sweet 

BI: have to say

HG: oui well

HG: that is okay i guess


BI: so dude did you figure out your superhero bullshit yet

HG: no 

HG: i do not know what you and gregory are talking about

HG: why

HG: are you a superhero

HG: i mean you already are so

HG: why do you even need more

BI: hahahahaah man right 

BI: I need more of that shit like I need another flippin 

BI: I was gonna say hole in my head but that's tempting fate lol

BI: but no these salamander dudes keep like

BI: bitching about me saving their planet blah blah hero of time blah rogue from xmen bullshit hahah

HG: fucking bullshit

HG: hah

HG: these bitches say i am a thief as if that is new fucking information and i keep killing everyone for being fucking repetitive 

BI: you get any sweet super thief powers ?

HG: i am already a 'super sweet' thief

HG: this is nothing new

HG: i do not see what the big deal is

BI: true true 

BI: lol

BI: this game should be easy as balls

BI: once it's not like

BI: dumbass imps, man, those guys are assholes

HG: oui it is like killing fucking boars in warcraft fucking pointless

BI: ahahahaha mannn fucking boars

BI: man

BI: those

BI: good times

HG: you fuckers were fucking insane i hope you realize that

BI: yeaaaah

BI: that's like not even the worst shit tho so like

BI: relatively speaking, haha

HG: oui i am well too fucking aware it is a miracle that you all have survived hah

HG: fucking cartman what a fuckup

BI: dude he's like 

BI: man who even knows

BI: touched by god hahah 

BI: or satan maybe

HG: satan that is my guess

HG: no

HG: not even satan

HG: fucking

HG: saddam hussein

BI: saddam doesn't have shit for powers though man

BI: or didn't 

BI: lol if the earth's gone did hell disappear too?

BI: ~~~~mysteries of the universe~~~~ here

HG: wow who the fuck knows

HG: it  seems more 

HG: powerful?

HG: than earth though

HG: it was certainly more miserable thats for fucking sure

HG: and thats saying fucking something

BI: yeah but dude I dunno 

BI: one of those shitbag imps clocked me yesterday and I definitely didn't find any lakes of fire 

HG: you came back though?

HG: where did you go?

BI: that fucking purple city it was lame as hell

HG: what 

HG: what fucking bullshit hah

HG: maybe hell is gone then thats fucking pathetic

HG: at least purple is better than fucking yellow fucking bullshit everywhere

BI: yeah but dunno dude at least the yellow city seems like

BI: there's something fucked up about the purple place 

BI: I dunno what

BI: too far out in the middle of gamespace lol 

HG: weird

BI: unless there's space monsters hanging out in the sky there too and eric's just a retard lol

BI: whatever

HG: why what did cartman say

BI: like, I guess he fell asleep and woke up there?

BI: and then just flew around like a dumbfuck lol

BI: but there wasn't anything weird about it

HG: what do you mean flew like a bird flew?

BI: yeah I guess 

BI: he's not flying around like a like, flying squirrel lol

BI: not with all that fucking pie hahaha

HG: hah

HG: true as fuck

BI: lol

BI: yeah probably worth it to try flying around like

BI: flying powers are sweet as fuck I could use some of that shit 

HG: i still prefer underground but

HG: oui

HG: pretty fucking badass regardless

BI: more useful for someplace with no dirt at least haha

HG: oui 

HG: that fucking yellow place

HG: maybe i will not be blinded if i can fly around

BI: there you go haha 

BI: or make some like

BI: sunglasses

HG: it is more than sun though it is like

HG: gregorys hair all fucking over the place with no break it is annoying as fuck

BI: I thought you like his hair man

HG: no it is fucking annoying 

HG: i mean i like it but it is distracting and stupid i do not need that everywhere

BI: lol yeah I could see that 

HG: at least yours is not quite so bright otherwise it would be distracting too

HG: fucking blondes

HG: you are all bitches

BI: hahahahaah

BI: hey I got it on good authority from at least like two hot seniors that my hair is all american and cute lol

BI: and they had just 

BI: oh man the best legs

HG: cute is different than annoying and curly and distracting and horrible you fuckhead and at any rate girls have no taste

BI: lol yeah they didn't haha

BI: they gave me a bj in the gym bathroom 

BI: proof right there

HG: you are a lucky bastard

HG: i wish more of the boys were fucking whores like that it is a real fucking tragedy let me tell you

HG: boys give better blow jobs anyway by a lot

BI: yeah that's true

HG: but regardless

HG: that is not important

HG: i do not like this train of thought it is annoying

BI: haha sorry

HG: whatever

BI: it's a shitty moot point anyway if everybody but us is gone anyway 

HG: i hope you are having fun in your disgusting tits land hah

HG: oui

HG: are there even any girls here

BI: except those kids eric was talking to I guess 




BI: the worst man

HG: i am sorry about that oui

BI: the worrrrrssssstttttt

HG: that is horrible for you

BI: :,(

HG: at least there are tits in your land though

HG: you are not completely lacking

BI: yeah

BI: and my sprite's got a rockin body but like

BI: like fuck I'm tapping game pixels dude 

HG: why not

HG: who gives a fuck at this point

BI: dunno it seems sketchy

BI: like, can a sprite even like sex?

HG: cartman thinks so i am sure with his fucking

HG: disgusting kyle fucking horrible

BI: yeah that's fucked up man 

HG: oui

BI: that's not gonna last tho like

BI: if the game gets beat all the game shit goes away right

HG: wait really

HG: no more shovelrifle

HG: that is bullshit!

BI: I dunno?

BI: just a guess 

HG: were you reading that manual gregory was bitching at me for not reading it

HG: fucking asshole

BI: yeahhhhh I'm like

BI: kind of looking at it across the room lol 

BI: probably should I guess?

HG: whatever

HG: it is bullshit

HG: it doesn't even fucking come in french

HG: just english bullshit

BI: man fuck that shit isn't even english

BI: it's like

BI: karen's fucking vampire books

HG: fuck vampires

HG: that is fucking bullshit

BI: dude right vampires are fake as fuck 

BI: and if they were real they'd be all creepy pedo old wrinkly dudes

BI: not fuckin sparkle dude from that harry potter movie

HG: i do not know what you are talking about

HG: but he sounds like a fucking faggot regardless

HG: worse than god hah

HG: that is saying something

BI: yeah pretty much hahaha I dunno wtf I'm talking about either

HG: fucking awful

HG: anyway

HG: have you talked to cartman recently

HG: he is supposed to save gregory from meteors or some bullshit

HG: i want to make sure he is doing that

BI: yeah lemme ask 

HG: i am not sitting around and letting gregory get hit by fucking meteors that is bullshit

BI: yeah dude nobody's gonna get hit by meteors

HG: oui.

HG: i will kill him if that happens

HG: for permanent none of this flying around bullshit

BI: yeah dude no I got you

HG: this game is bullshit anyway

HG: why are we even playing it

BI: cause there was jack all shit else to do this weekend haha

BI: whoops

HG: ah

HG: oui

HG: right

HG: fucking south park

HG: fucking

HG: bullshit i fucking hate it even this fog is better

BI: yeah south park sucked 

BI: we're gonna save the universe or shit though right so like

BI: that'll be cool

BI: less shitty 

HG: i will not save it that is for fucking sure

HG: its fucking bullshit

HG: maybe gregory will though

HG: he will be able to if anyone can

BI: I think it's like, the whole team?  dunno dude I'm really skimming this thing 

HG: whatever

HG: i do not care about saving anythign

HG: i only care

HG: about 

HG: making more of this fucking kickass booze

BI: lol

BI: good save hahah

HG: everything in my luqior cabinet comined

HG: mostly wine but

HG: dileicious

BI: dileicious, yup 

BI: lolol

HG: exactement

BI: send me the code for that shit dude

BI: or I'll just come drink it at your place hahaha >

HG: oui come through the pits they are cool

HG: and full of dirt

BI: hahah sounds awesome

HG: oui.

HG: also booze

HG: and cigarettes i still have some of those around

BI: yessss dirt booze and cigarettes

HG: i need to know the code for those i am running the fuck out

HG: and with you there i will have a blond and all will be perfect hah

BI: hahahaha always happy to help >

BI: sweet so I just gotta like, go through the, fuckin spiroscope looking thing and it's like a beam me down to the planet thing right 

BI: some shit like that?

HG: i have no fucking idea

HG: i am just

HG: sitting here

HG: drinking

HG: killing fucking bullshit

HG: waiting for gregory to tell me what to do

HG: it is a normal fucking saturday hah

BI: lol

BI: cool well if I don't show it means those portal things are fatal so don't go in them hahah

BI: otherwise I'll be there in a while ?

HG: well if you get stuck just gun to the head and start over pas problem

BI: lol yeah

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