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BI: heyyyy miss neko-chan sup
AC: *ac scrunches her nose and sniffs the stranger, d33ming him safe*
AC: :33 < hello orange human
BI: oh shit is this some rp shit here??

AC: :33 < oops i furgot im not supposed to rp with you guys
BI: aw fuck really
AC: :33 < yeah :((
BI: what did one of my dudes say that or one of yours
BI: cuz you can ignore the shit my guys say lol
AC: :33 < no one of yours and purrsonally i think its a dumb rule
BI: yeah that's dumb as fuck, fuck that guy
BI: haha
AC: :33 < is there something you n33d purrchance?
BI: nah I just wanted to say hi, sup, etc
BI: eric said he'd been talking to you and you were a catgirl and I was like, hey, catgirls are cool
BI: kawaii shit right there
AC: :33 < how nice of you! we havent furmally met yet either
BI: yeah shit that's rude of me, hey, princess kenny 'sexxyback' mccormick, esq, md, etc
AC: :33 < a princess!
AC: :33 < we have a princess too
BI: yeah I heard!
AC: :33 < i nefur knew humans had princesses i thought you were all classless
BI: nah I mean like it's not like, a blood thing
BI: the King of Sony made me one so it's like, dunno what the troll equal is
AC: :33 < i have no clue what you are talking about but lately learning about your culture has b33n an interest
AC: :33 < my sweaty meowrail has had some trouble understanding it
BI: OH dude your monorail dude is uhh
BI: equius, right? sweaty dude?
AC: :33 < mmhm
BI: that's cool
BI: so are you like, a real cattroll or is it like, an rp thing or
BI: I thought you guys were like bugs or shit
AC: :33 < and you are all fleshy pink monkey wigglers!
BI: hahahah yeah pretty much
AC: :33 < but no in fact
AC: :33 < its only a fun purrtend game
BI: ah yeah that's cool
BI: yeah expecting real alien catgirls is kind of too much animu to expect hahaha
BI: unless you guys don't have like space anime then never mind haha
AC: :33 < we do! like troll sailor moon, protector of love and defender of the moons
BI: oh fuck yeah!
BI: shit dude that's awesome, do you have any of that ?
AC: :33 < hell yeah!
BI: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit jackpot
BI: I have uhhh
BI: shit, you like shojo?
AC: :33 < yessssss!!
AC: :33 < but i am unfurtunately not as engaged in that as i am in the real life ventures of my friends
BI: oh yeah ? like what ?
AC: :33 < oh, just all of their hijinks >:33
BI: hahaha dude hijinks are the best shit tho >: D
AC: :33 < if we become friends then i will definitely follow yours too princess kenny
BI: hahahah dude I have the most hijinks
BI: for real
BI: they made a whole show of it and everything
AC: :33 < was it an anime??
BI: fuck yeah!!
BI: here
BI: -- bootyInspector [BI] wants to send file PrincesS_Kenny_OAV_Complete.avi to arsenicCatnip [AC], do you accept? --
AC: :33 < yes!
BI: 100% pure shojo magic fuck yeah
AC: :33 < purrly adorable
BI: you should totally send me troll sailor moon dude Ibet that shit's the bomb
AC: :33 < i may have to ask karkat if he has it in his mewvie collection but i can show you a picture
BI: hahah yeah!
AC: -- arsenicCatnip [AC] wants to send file sailorpinkmoon_and_sailorminipinkmoonyay.jpeg to bootyInspector [BI], do you accept? --
BI: yesss
AC: :33 < what other fun human stuff is there?
BI: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
BI: well there's like not anime cartoons
BI: movies
BI: porn
BI: uhh
AC: :33 < yeah we have that stuff too! but i dont know that many mewvies and equius says that porn is "100d" or whatever
AC: :33 < so i dont know any of that
BI: lol porn's pretty lewd he's right
BI: I mean, like, you're our age too though right?
BI: young ladies should watch whatever they want man
AC: :33 < umm i think so, how many sw33ps are you?
BI: man I dunno how many years is a sweep ?
AC: :33 < i dont know! :33
BI: mannnn
BI: dude my math teacher's laughing in hell right now hahah
AC: :33 < are you a juvenile in your species?
AC: :33 < or an adolescent or a fighting space adult?
BI: like almost an adult? kinda?
BI: ahahahah legally at least
AC: :33 < that helps to know umm
AC: :33 < so maybe we are close in age
BI: yeah!
BI: so wtf dude watch what you want
AC: :33 < ok purrhapsh


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