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OD: Kenny are you there?
BI: yo sup
OD: Are you busy.
BI: lol kinda
BI: but I can ~~find some time~~

BI: ahahahaahah
OD: Hahaha REAL fucking funny Kenny.
OD: I need you to come to Prospit.
BI: yeah? for what
OD: I can't explain. You just have to come here.
BI: :-/
BI: man whenever you say shit like that its bad news
BI: kenny i cant explain bring 500 condoms
BI: Kinny I can't explain just bring a ninja sword and get over here
BI: you not explaining shit is like at least like half my worst deaths as a kid man
OD: Well GUESS WHAT Kenny! It's not your death you have to worry about this time!! Congratufuckinlations! It's this a first??
BI: man did you cut off your dick
BI: you guys suck at this
OD: Who do I look like, Stan Darsh?
OD: I'm lying on my bed.
OD: Bring a gun.
BI: dude the fuck am I gonna get a gun
BI: like I use bows
BI: and guns hate me
OD: FUCK whatever you can use mine
BI: mannnnnn
BI: you owe me
OD: Im not ending up retarded or maimed from this.
OD: That's just not a risk I'm going to take.
OD: I've lived my life as a retard and its not fun.
OD: Even though I thought it would be.
BI: yeah dude that's why I said open an artery, not bang yourself in the head
BI: cuz being a veggie sucks ass
OD: At least you made headline news!
BI: :-/
BI: ok dude ok where's your gun
OD: I have it.
OD: Its with me here.
OD: And Fuck that artery shit
OD: That's way too close to my balls
BI: cutting off your balls won't give you brain damage though ahahah
OD: I'd rather be a retard than a eunich.
BI: man you're gonna reset when you die anyway
OD: Wait
OD: So I get two kidneys
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