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FrenchNinjaMasta hEy, HoOdIe BrO
TC: jAcKeT dUdE
BI: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey dude sup sup
TC: yO dAwG, i HeArD yOu KnOw ThInGs
BI: hahahah I know all kinds of shit

BI: fuck yeah
TC: LiKe ThE TrUeSt Of TrUtHs
TC: Me AnD tHe MaGiCaL MiRaClEs TrAiN hErE, wE oN a MuThAfUcKiNg QuEsT
BI: oh shit yeah?
BI: dude the whole questing thing is just like this
BI: man
TC: nAw daWg DoN't GeT iT tWiStEd, We On ThE mOsT iMpOrTaNt BiZnAsTy Of QuEsTs
TC: LiKe In ThE hIsToRiEs Of HiStOrY
TC: ThErE aIn'T NeVeR bEeN a QuEsT LiKe ThIs
BI: lol damn
BI: ok
BI: you got me all like
BI: prepped here
TC: wE fUcKiNg NeEd mUnChIeS
TC: lIkE mUtHaFuCkInG wHoA
BI: oh shit dude fuck yeah
TC: lIkE fOr ThIs SoRt Of GaThErInG, oNlY tHe iLlEsT, gRubTaStIc sNaCkS wIlL dO
BI: what like doritos or like
BI: mj brownies
TC: wE bE fLoWiNg On a WaVe Of FuCkInG fIzZ aNd WhImSy, BuT wE NeEd fUcKiNG PiE. LiKe A FuCkInG NeEd fOr SpEeD tHaT jUsT aIn'T fUcKiNg QuItTiNg. mY tHiNkPaN's BeEn PoUnDiNg AnD aLl ThE IcE CoLd In ThE wOrLd AiN't DoInG sHiT
BI: pie's like
BI: what, acid?
TC: aCiD? dA FuCk Is ThAt?
BI: like
BI: acid, man
BI: makes you see shit
BI: dunno maybe try weed first if you got a headache acid's no fun when you feel like shit
TC: wEeD? mAn YoU mAkInG lEsS sEnSe ThAn tHe RoLlY pOlY dUdE. i'M tAlKiNg AbOuT MuThAfUcKiNg PiE. lIkE tHe sHiT. lIkE tHe BeSt, MoSt WhImSiCaL sHiT. iT's lIkE fOoD dAt GoT dA bOoTy.
BI: lol hmmmmm
TC: lIkE tHe FaTtIe bRo HaD pIe BuT iT wAs AlL wRoNg AnD sHiT. lIkE nAsTy WiThOuT tHe BiZ
BI: here dude try #w233dep13z
BI: apple pie with cannabutterrrr
TC: sO lIke Is ThAt SoMe KiNd Of sPeLl oR sOmE sHiT? lIkE i'M sAyInG #w233DeP13z bUt fUcK aLl Is GoInG dOwN
BI: nah dude you gotta stick it in the alchemizer there buddy
TC: oH sHiT
TC: wElL fUcK
TC: AiN't GoT nOnE oF tHaT sHiT sOn
TC: wAiT lEt Me AsK tHe ImP bRoS
BI: uhhh
BI: yeah dude I thought everybody got a alchemizer thing
TC: nAh ThEy AiN't GoT a FuCkInG cLuE. tHeY jUsT kInDa StArRiNg At Me
TC: oH aNd ThE tAlL oNe JuSt StAbBeD aNoThEr oNe.
TC: i DuNnO aBoUt SoMe AlChEmIzAtHiNg
TC: tHeRe WaS a LoT oF fIrE
BI: dude it's like
BI: the big machine
TC: yOu MeAn ThE oVeN? nAh ThAt ThInG aLl eXplOdEd AnD sHiT? KiLlEd AlL tHe FaErIeS.
TC: hAnG oN, GoTtA pOuR oNe OuT fOr Ma hOmIeS. rIp
TC: :o(
BI: Bummer :-/
TC: bEsT yElLoW aNd BlAcK bRoS a DuDe CoUlD aSk fOr
TC: rUn BeE M C
TC: rIp
BI: lol what
TC: tHe iLleSt SlAmPoEtS? tHe dOcToRs Of bEeAt? foRmErLY kNoWn As Bee M x? fOrMeRlY kNoWn As fAlL oUt BeE?
BI: nah dude sorry not ringing a bell
BI: you ever listen to zepplin?
TC: tHe BlImP?
TC: bLiMpS cAn SlAm?
TC: oH sHiT
BI: -- bootyInspector [BI] wants to send you file "stairwaytoHeaven.mp3" do you accept y/n --
TC: uUhH y?
BI: listen to it dude
TC: oK
TC: sO lIkE, I jUsT tRiEd To JaM tO tHe bLiMpS, aNd LiKe ThE ImP bRoS gOt AlL AnGrY aN sHiT aNd PoInTeD tO tHiS bIg SiGn. sO nO sTaIrWaY. dEnIeD.
BI: bummer
TC: NoW tHeY gEtTiNg aLl HaRsH aNd ShIt. gOtTa GeT SoMe FuCkIng pIe.
TC: yOu CaN't hAvE a FuCkInG gAtHeRiNg WoRtH sHiT wItHoUt pIe. FuCkInG wRoNg LiKe SoMe KiNd Of FuCkInG…uH…fUcKiNg..UhHh…HeReSy Or SoMe ShIt
TC: oW fUcK mY HeAd, HaNg On
TC: gOtTa PoP aN IcE CoLd
BI: yeah dude have some beer
BI: lol
TC: NaH DaWg, oNlY tHe fIZziEsT oF eLiXiRs wIlL dO
TC: mUtHAfUcKiNg FaYgO
BI: ahahahahaha oh man
BI: fucking faygo dude
BI: fucking
BI: family shit right there
BI: christ, dude
TC: mAn dOn'T bE tRiPpInG, iT's ThE fReShEsT sHiT a BrO cOuLd WaNt
BI: nah dude I get it
BI: down with the clown and shit
TC: aH sHiT hAnG On, iMpS aRe GeTtInG rEaLlY rOwDy nOw
TC: iT's SeRiOuSlY hArSh
BI: tell them to chillax hahaha
TC: i'M pAsSinG oUt BuBbLy As FaSt As I cAn dAwG. tHe fAyGo bUsHeS oNlY grOw So FaSt
TC: gOnNa NeEd A fUcKiNg MiRaClE
BI: lol dude you got this
TC: YaH dAwG, iT'lL wOrK oUt AlrIgHt OnCe We fInD tHe PlaCe We LoOkInG FoR
BI: Sweet :)
TC: I hEaRd PeEpS sPrEaDiNg ThE wOrD aBoUt A fUcKiNg MiRaCuLoUs PlAcE, LaId DoWn By ThE fUcKiNg MeSsAiHs ThEmSeLvEs lIkE a FuCkInG mIrThFul gIfT fOr ThE aGeS
BI: shit dude what
TC: tHeY sEnT tHeIr MeSsAgEr TrOlL NeIl PaTrIcK HaRrIs
TC: tAlKiNg AbOuT a WhImSiCaL
TC: mYsTeRy
TC: mAgIc PlAcE
TC: tHe wHiTe CaStLe
TC: wE fInD tHaT sHiT aNd We'rE fUcKiNG gOlD
BI: oh man dude
BI: dunno if there's a white castle but there's totally a sizzlers on kyle's planet
TC: wAiT, yOu KnOw AbOut wHiTe cAsTlE?
TC: hElP a BrO OuT hErE
TC: sHoW uS tHe WaY
TC: tHe kUmAr pAtH tO WhItE CaStLe
TC: hArOlDeD bY TrOlL nPh
BI: uhhh
BI: damn dude I dunno how troll white castle works
BI: but yeah dude white castle like
BI: unless there's one in kyle's jersey world, I dunno
BI: haven't seen one on locag :-/
TC: wHoA sOrRy AbOuT tHaT bRo, ItS mY HeAd MaN. LeT mE gRaB AnOtHeR fIzZy OnE.
BI: uhhhhhh dude you ok
TC: yEah DaWg, I'm cOoL
BI: drink some water dude gotta stay hydrated on
BI: whatever wierdass troll shit you're taking
TC: aS lOnG aS I gOt My bUsHeS aNd My BrOs, I'lL bE gOoD. wHo'S tHe JeRsEy DuDe? iS hE a KyLe pLaNeT?
TC: hE kNoWs AbOut ThE WhItE cAsTlE?
BI: yeah dude he'd know if the jersey dudes have a white castle
TC: aH, sHiT yEaH sOn
TC: i KnEw YoU wErE tHe MaN wItH tHe ThInKpAn
TC: tHaNkS bRo
BI: no prob dude
BI: good luck on your munchie quest hahaha
TC: yOu KnOw It
TC: mIrAcLe mAgIcAl MyStErY tRaIn Is On ThE mOvE
BI: godspeed hahaha
TC: cOoL
TC: -- [tG] has ceased trolling [bI] --
TC: -- [tG] has begun trolling [bI] --
TC: hEy Is It a lEfT oR RiGhT tO kYlE PlAnEt?
BI: uhhhh where you at dude?
TC: rIgHt hErE
BI: lol that's some serious zen shit right there dude
BI: so like, dude, you gotta go through the circle
BI: everything's left and right of something else right?
BI: you'll get it
TC: oH wAiT, mAyBe It'S oVeR tHiS cLiFf
TC: --[tG] has cease trolling [bI]--
BI: :-/
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