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-- bootyInspector [BI] started pestering omniponentDictator [OD] --
BI: yo eric, sup
OD: I'm done searching. I'm fucking. DONE.
BI: looking for what hahah
OD: Fucking.... Gregory gave us the coordinates for the beds but like FUCK I can find them. I think he lied.
BI: dude why would he lie about that shit
OD: Because he has it out for me! Why else would it take me this long?

BI: cuz it's supposed to?
OD: Bullshit, I found Kyle inside the bowels of the god damn Pentagon, this should be a piece of cake.
BI: lol dude no that's not what I meant it was more like
BI: for reasons
BI: you can't
BI: cuz you aren't supposed to yet
OD: What
OD: Do you know something I don't? Like time bs?
BI: I mean not like I'm all up on every fuckin detail or whatever I'm just saying it could happen
OD: Do you know if Kyle made it yet?
OD: I still can't get over the fact Stan git it first...
BI: man was there any doubt
BI: if it wasn't gonna be you of course Stan was gonna do that shit
OD: How do you freaking figure.
BI: cuz Stan runs off and does shit without thinking about it hahahaha
OD: Oh so he gets fUCking REWARDED for it?
BI: sure why not hahah
BI: anyway dude whatever like
BI: you'll get it or not who cares that's not the point
OD: I'm surprised the trolls, haven't culled him yet. Didn't Stan say gee found a way to get to their planets?
OD: He*
BI: yeah hahah he put on a bigass memo thing about it
BI: and I dunno I guess kyle died or some shit
OD: What
BI: yeah I mean he's ok now but one of the trolls got him, bummer
OD: But he was God Tier right? He's immortal?
BI: nah
BI: joined the whole one body club
OD: Which troll.
BI: man I don't know there's like 20 of them
OD: Fucking CHRIST Ken! I can't talk to Kyle, but I have to know which one. That's BULLSHIT
BI: dude maybe if you didn't act like a asshole you could ask yourself, hahaha
OD: Dude you don't know what happened
OD: How he freaked it when I tried helping him out
BI: man last I heard you were making out with him during that fight
BI: I'm not like, president of the gossip club here
OD: That's not what happened.
OD: That's only part of it.
OD: I offered to help and he flipped out and then it went weird and I left.
OD: Tried to find my own bed.
OD: I've been looking since.
BI: dude I got like no fucking idea what you're talking about
BI: plus I don't care hahah
BI: anyway yeah dude's down his dream body and is bummed about it and earth I guess I dunno
OD: Well what are we going to do about it!?
BI: uhhhh
BI: about the earth thing or
BI: cuz I was thinking about doing some time shit on that
BI: break some shit maybe, gonna see
OD: No! About Kyle not being immortal!
BI: oh
BI: uhhh dude that's not really like
BI: a problem
OD: Of course it is!
BI: immortality sucks man
OD: If I'm going to live forever I better have my jew to rip on, even if said jew has been acting all fucked up.
OD: And that's because you don't do immortality right.
OD: When I go immortal I'll give you some tips.
BI: ahahahahahaah
BI: fuck you eric
BI: lol
OD: Whatever! You know I'll live it up!
OD: But now, I don't know since Kyle is fucked.
OD: The trolls have made their move.
BI: man you guys all gotta stop fucking with each other
OD: Maybe NOW you guys will take my plan seriously.
BI: this is some fucking like, rival high school bullshit
OD: Kenny, FUCK I mean they killed Kyle, AND you!
OD: This isn't high school, this is, life or death!
BI: dude all of you guys have killed me that doesn't even count
OD: But didn't he MAUL you?
OD: I never intentionally killed you.
BI: lol dude you've killed me like thirty times
OD: Name one time it was calculated like that.
BI: uhhhh the time you guys chained me to that john elway statue
BI: when you tried to get the plug pulled when I was in that coma
BI: uhh
BI: when you were that trapper keeper monster
BI: lol that was fucked up dude remember that
OD: Whatever I was a kid.
BI: dude I'm not mad I'm just sayin
OD: And dude we got two Shakeys out of that!
BI: uh no dude you got a shakeys
OD: And we got Rosie O'Donnell killed so that's also a plus.
OD: I was thinking of everyone else.
OD: Being selfless and shit
BI: dude I'm just saying like
BI: who gives a fuck about some other dude killing me cuz it's not me
BI: there's shit to do
OD: Exactly
OD: We've got trolls to enslave.
BI: man
BI: see here I was gonna talk to you about this whole like, earth's fucked up thing but
BI: if you wanna work on being king bug alien you do that dude
OD: Wait why is earth fucked up
BI: like you know how kyle said it was bad but, whatever, it's been plenty fucking bad before
BI: guess no actually that was the real fucking deal?
OD: ... so it's gone?
BI: yeah, dude, I guess
OD: But
OD: We have powers now.
OD: We can undo it.
BI: ok, yeah, see, that's what's fucking important dude not the fuckin futa aliens
OD: Yeah alright I get it, so we'll win and get earth back
OD: And if that doesn't work then we'll get a new universe and figure out a way to make it better.
OD: Pull people from the doomed timeline to the new one.
BI: dude that's not how like
BI: if it's a win it's not doomed, man
OD: Fuck you know what I mean.
BI: yeaahh
BI: man are you just saying shit to make it all sound good or you want to get your cat back
OD: Kenny I really want my cat back.
OD: For real.
BI: yeah mr kitty was a bro
OD: It's been weird without her. Him?
OD: Neps helped.
OD: But I miss the little fuck.
OD: Any universe I create has to have him in it.
BI: yeah
BI: ok sweet yeah so it's gonna fuck up the game but whatever, man, fuck it
OD: Fuck up in the game how?
BI: paradoxes? dude, I'm like, pretty sure if it was supposed to happen it would've but it didn't, sooo
BI: like,
OD: But you're not going to let that stop you from saving Karen
BI: nope
OD: Can't you grab her now?
OD: Or my cat?
BI: dude I tried
BI: I mean not with your cat but whatever pretty much the same shit
OD: Why didn't it w?ork
BI: man I dunno it just didn't
OD: Maybe you need to be God tier.
BI: yeah maybe??
BI: fuckin powers dude how do they work
OD: I'm still figuring it out.
OD: But now I /have/ to go gid tier.
OD: Especially if I'm going to start a revenge cycle.
BI: dude the fuck is a revenge cycle
BI: is that some like chinese shit
OD: No it's a troll thing
OD: Someone killed my kissmesis so
OD: Someone is going to pay
BI: man he's not your hatedate dude pretty sure you gotta fuck to be hatefucking
OD: Oh wait yeah it is one of the bucket ones
OD: Whatever, in time
BI: lol dude good luck with that for real
BI: cuz it's never gonna happen
BI: Time Stamping that shit now
OD: Don't fucking jynx it!
BI: dude there's no jinxing fated shit man


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