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-- bootyInspector[BI] has begun pestering hatesGuarddogs[HGD] --

BI: so dude like
BI: mannnn how do I put this
BI: sup, first of all lol
HGD: hi kenny hah
HGD: it has been a little while and i am glad you are not permanently dead

BI: man never lol
HGD: oui good it is just a relief that it is still true even with the game etc
HGD: though i guess that chainsaw to the head was pretty telling, non?
BI: hahahah dude that had to be hella sweet
BI: I'm like, disappoint nobody got that on cam dude
BI: bloodspray must have been killer
HGD: oui it was fucking badass shit
HGD: your troll friend seemed into the blood hah
HGD: the blind one
BI: lol yeah hahahaha
BI: she's a little badass man
BI: fuckin sugoi
HGD: sure whatever
HGD: they all seem like that i guess
BI: man I dunno like
BI: some of them're like
BI: like, cool and all, but damn
HGD: jsais pas i fought the cat girl and she was a lot better than i thought
HGD: as good as me
BI: oh shit, no kidding?
HGD: even though she is tiny
HGD: oui
BI: damn dude fuckin
HGD: badass as fuck
HGD: like cecilia
BI: neko neko represent, man
BI: that's awesome
HGD: oui i do not normalement fight girls because they are weak and disgusting and cry and shit etc but she was fun to fight so
HGD: oui i guess trolls are not that bad on whole
BI: hahah niice
BI: man so speaking of miss kawaii kittychan and her bro-friend
HGD: if you are going off about bullshit picnics that did not actually happen like stan was then i probablement will punch off your head or some shit hah
BI: lol nah dude like whatever
BI: having a picnic with a bro dude sounds fun
BI: whatever it's more uhh
BI: so like
HGD: fucking hell it was not a picnic but oui
BI: what's the verdict on hooking up with a troll?
HGD: what are you after the cat one now
BI: (whatever dude picnics are cool more people should do picnics and smoke weed fuck yeah0
HGD: i mean do as you want
HGD: she is cool like i have said
BI: nah lol I was like
HGD: just maybe do not tell equius
BI: would you be up in that, do you think?
BI: dude fucking I'd feel like an otaku pedo hooking up with kawaii little catgirls
HGD: hah
HGD: as i have said though if you find some troll you want to hook up with then why not oui
HGD: i would say you should try it and then come tell me what it is like hah
BI: lol well like dude the problem is they don't uhhh do hookups?
BI: at least usually
BI: I got it on good authority I guess at least one of them does?
HGD: which one that weirdass clown one he seems fucking bizarre
HGD: but oui it sucks for them then
HGD: they are backwards as shit about some things
BI: yeah nah not clowndude tho he seems pretty legit hahaha
BI: but yeah one of them is super interested in getting some human booty, dude
BI: french booty, like, specifically?
HGD: well you were talking to that blind girl for a while, but then she was making out with that o-
HGD: wait
HGD: quoi
HGD: what are you talking about
HGD: i do not even talk to the trolls mostly
HGD: and anyway they are
BI: yeeeeeahhhhhh
HGD: trolls
BI: yeah but dude idk
BI: I'm like 90% sure here
HGD: wait sure about
HGD: what
HGD: i am still confused
HGD: this does not make sense
BI: I just like didn't want you to get blindsided if troll x mans it up and like, asks you for a funtime casual trip down to oral town or whatever the shit man
HGD: quoi
HGD: but
HGD: they're trolls
HGD: what the fuck
HGD: they have
HGD: fangs
BI: dude right how the fuck I mean they totally must cuz they talk about choking on trolldick but how's that even work with dem teeth fuckin mysteries of science here
HGD: jsais pas i am not risking it but if you find out you let me know oui
HGD: fucking hell
HGD: i am just going to block all of them as a precaution
HGD: if i want that shit i will just ask you hah pas problem
BI: lolol
HGD: but even regarless we have too much shit to do to think about that shit
HGD: not fucking dying is the most important
HGD: fucking hell
HGD: fucking aliens
BI: yeahhhh
BI: lol well I can tell the dude no if you want hahahah do the whole uhhh
BI: whatever the fuck that triangle date thing is
BI: fucking aliens man I miss marklar those dudes were bros
HGD: sure as you say but i never met them
BI: weeeeelllllllllllll
HGD: but i am not doing any sort of bullshit troll dating i do not even know any trolls
HGD: except
HGD: fuck
HGD: fucking hell
BI: ah yeah there we go :-/
HGD: what the fuck
HGD: fucking
HGD: well no fucking wonder
BI: man dude to be real I can't blame him for wanting a piece of that hahahahaaha
BI: but yeah it's so super fucking like babies first gayclub crush shit
HGD: but he is a troll
HGD: what
HGD: what the fuck are you talking about
HGD: fucking hell i bet he was asking gregory shit and that is why gregory got all pissed off because it is inappropriate or what the fuck ever
BI: dude yeah they're trolls so what they look like normal people with headgear and like heavy metal poisoning why wouldn't they think humans look ok?
HGD: godfuckingdamnit
BI: omg dude
BI: yeah that's totally probably why
HGD: i am not dealing with this
HGD: i will be off digging if he bothers you tell him
HGD: fuck
HGD: jsais pas
HGD: i do not want to piss him off
BI: yeah yeah hmm
HGD: i am pretty sure he could beat the shit out of me
HGD: and that is saying something oui
BI: nah dude I don't think that'll be like
BI: it's cool, I'll be all kinds of diplomatic and shit
HGD: and also nepeta said that she would kill me if i hurt his feelings
HGD: which fucking hell makes a fuck of a lot more sense now
BI: damn, harsh shit there
BI: I mean dude it's not like you're like, spitting on him or whatever this shit's just awkward
BI: awkward 1 sided shit happens all the time, whatever
HGD: sure but not with fucking steroid aliens who like to punch the heads off of shit
HGD: did you not tell him that i do not do dating bullshit
HGD: or feelings
HGD: of any kind
HGD: because that is bullshit also oui
BI: yeah yeah that's what I said
HGD: then what is he on about
BI: dude no legit I think he just wants to hook up
HGD: vraiment
BI: yeah I guess?
HGD: he told me they did not do that
BI: yeah lol I guess they're making exceptions now? that one other alien's got some kind of hateboner for stan and stan's straighter than fuckin like,
BI: I don't even fucking know
BI: so maybe he changed his mind lol
HGD: oui isnt that a fucking tragedy too hah
HGD: but oui
HGD: i guess
HGD: maybe
HGD: fucking hell
HGD: it would certainly fucking explain a lot
HGD: i thought that was just a weird
HGD: alien thing
HGD: but i guess fucking not
BI: yeah lol we're like settlers to the new world man bringing smallpox and meaningless sex
BI: I mean I dunno dude he's kinda shy, might not come to anything anyway? just wanted to give you heads up lol
HGD: oui merci for that too
HGD: i probably would have fucking coughed up a fucking lung from surprise
HGD: if he had asked some shit out of nowhere
BI: hahaha yeah I figured lol
BI: now you can play it all cool like
BI: pas problem
HGD: oui
HGD: i feel a little bad for him he is just very messed up
HGD: a fucking pussy but also strong as fuck
BI: dude you got like no idea hahaha
BI: dude's sooo awkward
BI: about sex shit man
HGD: oui about everything
BI: like even more
HGD: oui it is mostly fucking tragic
BI: lol right dude I'm like
BI: gonna start a gamewide radio show
BI: Dr Princess Kenny
BI: answering all your questions about kink and safewords and human cock
HGD: ..........
HGD: is that
HGD: no i do not want to know
HGD: fucking hell
BI: yeah like
BI: I kinda said I'd keep that shit on the dl so no details there not that like
BI: anybody wants ot hear those holy shit man
HGD: oui
HGD: fucking hell
HGD: my brain is hurting
HGD: i need a cigarette
HGD: i will talk to you later
BI: lol have fun dude


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