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CT: D--> Kenny human
BI: yo sup dude
CT: D--> I understand you have in the past been
CT: D--> Intimate with Christophe
BI: hahah yeah

CT: D--> What does he um
CT: D--> 100k for
CT: D--> In a mate
BI: uhhhhhhhhhh well dude it was less like uh
BI: any kind of real thing and more like
BI: two friends fucking around, y'know?
CT: D--> Yes but what does he desire
CT: D--> Physically
BI: oh lol yeah yeah
BI: mannn so christophe has a thing for blonds but uhh it's not like, a totally exclusive thing
CT: D--> Oh
CT: D--> Alright
BI: and uh
BI: no fat dudes
BI: no chicks
CT: D--> Of course
BI: he does the whole like, dominant bedroom thing
CT: D--> Dominant
CT: D--> Then he prefers to
CT: D--> Take the lead
BI: yeaeeeeeeahhhhhh >:D
CT: D--> Goodness that is
CT: D--> Unsurprising and yet very
CT: D--> Releaving to hear
CT: D--> That he is
CT: D--> Taking to his proper place as a STRONG individual
BI: Lol :)
BI: shit what else
BI: man I dunno like, dude gets around I don't have like a list on him or shit
CT: D--> What did you do when you wished to
CT: D--> Appeal to him
BI: uhhh I asked him if he wanted a bj ahahahaha
BI: and that was kind of like, the whole thing lol
BI: but we were friends before that so it was chill
CT: D--> Oh
CT: D--> Then he is simply willing to
CT: D--> Do that with those he considers friends
BI: yeah, I mean, like, it's just for fun and shit
BI: as long as shit's casual, why not?
CT: D--> Oh
CT: D--> W001d he mind if the other person liked him
CT: D--> So long as they did not e%pect
CT: D--> E%act reciprocation
BI: awww dude that's like
BI: I mean christophe aside that's just like a really bad recipe for shit
BI: like going in to get what you can when you want something else, like, that fucks a man up
CT: D--> Suppose they are used to wanting what they sh001dn't
CT: D--> And
CT: D--> Somewhat enjoy it even
BI: yeah but there's like, way differences between wanting a good spanking and getting involved with somebody who's not like, ~emotionally available~
BI: this's why I don't do the casual date man like even if it's supposed to be casual somebody aka not me gets all
BI: feels up in the joint
CT: D--> Hm
CT: D--> What w001d christophes take on this be
CT: D--> He once suggested to me that I flush date someone who was pitch for me so
BI: lol christophe's a dumbfuck about feels
CT: D--> He does not seem to mind uneven feelings
CT: D--> In the mi%
BI: non non pas problem
BI: it is nothing
BI: blah blah all that shit
BI: I mean dude I'm not your mom I'm not gonna like, do the whole I'll be disappointed in you thing I'm just saying it could get shitty
BI: more shitty than not getting laid'll be
CT: D--> I do not have a mom
CT: D--> Hm
CT: D--> Your advice in the matter of feelings was not asked for
BI: lol got me there
CT: D--> Simply for advice on Christophe
BI: yeah lol well dude I dunno, like, ask if he wants to hook up I guess?
CT: D--> Hrk
CT: D--> That
BI: that's pretty much always my strategy for shit hahahaha
CT: D--> Forward
BI: hey there chica you look just, wow, your earrings totally match your eyes, I didn't even notice till just now, what're you drinking, oh shit yeah that sounds awesome, if I get one can I get you another, yeah yeah
BI: wanna blow this joint etc
CT: D--> You are suggesting I approach him while he is
CT: D--> Into%icated
BI: yeah dude you wanna get some tail you gotta be ~~assertive and confident~~
BI: oh no shit dude no that's a bad scene
CT: D--> I do not think he w001d respond well if I ordered him to do it
BI: yeah dude don't fucking order anybody around when you wanna fuck them man
BI: unless it's like all agreed out beforehand
BI: and you got a safeword
CT: D--> A safeword
BI: ohhh shit dude like a safeword is like
BI: like if you're in a whole
BI: thing
BI: rope, cuffs, bootlicking, whatever man
BI: and it's gotta stop
BI: I mean like, 'no' doesn't really cut it anymore right?
BI: but if you say fucking like, seargent pepper, then, like, that's the new 'no'
CT: D--> What if they are in a position where you cannot say no
BI: then u gotta have a hand signal man
CT: D--> I meant what if they
CT: D--> Are a higher caste than you
BI: well dude like that's some lifestyle shit I guess D- do not recommend
CT: D--> So w001d Christophe be interested in something
CT: D--> That w001d require a
CT: D--> Safeword
BI: lol dude that's like uhh
BI: not necessarily a first fuck question?
CT: D--> Oh
BI: not that it's a bad question dude!!!
BI: like some dude/girl came up to me wanted to know the safeword I'd be alllllllll over that :,)
BI: but like, you wanna try vanilla out before you get the fuckin specialty flavor of the day, right? what if you're like allergic to soy or shit
CT: D--> I see
CT: D--> How long is the general
CT: D--> Waiting period for humans
BI: that's like a really personal thing? lol I know that's like, not even helpful hahah
CT: D--> I see
CT: D--> Erm
CT: D--> W001d he object to taking charge
CT: D--> The first time
CT: D--> Even if no safeword is required


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