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hateGuarddogs[HG] has begun pestering bootyInspector[BI]

HG: kenny why is everyone acting like a fucking bitch

HG: it is pissing me the fuck off

BI: lol dude how so

HG: it is mostly gregory

HG: he is all pissy about some shit and i do not know what

BI: about the shit where you died or like?

HG: just mostly fucking bullshit about everything

HG: but probablement that oui

HG: have you tried dying in your real self now not counting the dream one

BI: nah not yet

BI: I was dying in it just fine and waking up in the dreamself like, I dunno, diet heaven splenda replacement version of hell, but like

BI: I've been trying to do all these dumb time self realization zen quest things for my little planet dudes

HG: oui

HG: the quests are fucking bullshit but apparently they are important also

HG: at least according to my monster bitch

HG: at least i think that is what it meant

HG: i do not fucking know

BI: lol what'd she say ?

HG: that i was there too early or some bullshit and then she killed me

HG: pas problem not even a little effort

HG: from what equius said i thought she would be easy

HG: but apparently he is a lot stronger than me

HG: and was not a fucking idiot losing the element of surprise bringing a fucking light player in

BI: oh yeah lol isn't gregory like lighting up or shit

HG: well he was not in there but oui it is a fucking lightbulb it is funny as shit

BI: doing a whole edward cullen thing

BI: yeah so if it was too early dude

BI: you gonna level up and go back?

BI: I dunno why sir equius did his shit so early but dude seems hella tough so maybe that's why

BI: mhmmmmm mysteries~~

HG: well he is also a dumbass and does not know shit about his void shit also he is being sort of strange but

HG: that is probably just an alien thing or some shit

HG: i do not know

BI: yeah lol the whole alien shit is weird hahahahah

BI: like you're totally having a talk with one of them and it's all good and then bam they're doing some kind of space full on retard alien ET thing

HG: oui

HG: well i assume oui since he is pretty much the only one that i talk to

BI: man no dude you gotta

BI: they're all hilarious

BI: for real 100% good time to talk to hahahah

BI: weird as fuck tho

HG: maybe when i need some better stress relief or some shit hah

HG: i do not have anything to say to most of them though

HG: maybe i will talk to equius's friend

HG: the one he keeps talking about

HG: whichever one that is i do not keep track

BI: hahahah which one ?

HG: the one that is his best friend or whatever

HG: his m something? i do not remember

BI: monorail

BI: ?

HG: oh oui something like that

BI: the like sister thing

BI: sister best friend shit

BI: kinda

HG: oui that one

HG: anyway she sounds pretty okay from what he says

HG: she likes fucking shit up too so she cannot be that bad

BI: fuck yeah dude we were swapping some sweet shoujo cultural exchange

HG: but then he talked to gregory who i thought would have gotten along fine and they hate each other now or something

BI: hahaha no shit?

HG: oh oui? you talked to her? was she okay

HG: and oui it is annoying as hell that is another thing they were both bitching to me about

BI: lol

BI: watch out dude or trolldude's gonna want you to keep-them-from-fighting-date them both

HG: hah what

BI: no for real like

BI: this is first hand alienese

BI: when the trolls hate each other they get some dude to step between them and like, I dunno, shove them apart and it's dating

BI: hahahah

HG: quoi

HG: that is the dumbest shit

HG: so you are dating two people at the same time?

BI: lol right

BI: dude they date like 10 people at a time man

BI: all their different triangles or whatever the fuck

HG: fucking hell

HG: maybe if we did relationships like that i would actually want to have them hah

HG: but not really because they are of course fucking bullshit

BI: lol

BI: dude right fuckin

BI: would be stuck with the futa dickgirl aliens of my dreams and all they want is committment :,(

HG: commitment is the worst way to live life

HG: not worth it mon ami

BI: for real

BI: just like, damn, tragic up in here.

HG: well maybe you can get with one of the trolls and then just tell them that whoever else you are fucking is another one of your ten triangles or however it works

HG: j'sais pas

BI: hahahahahah

BI: dunno if it works like that man they seem like they wanna do the whole go steady thing before sex is on the table it's like

BI: goddamn middleschool shit here

HG: bullshit

BI: gonna just have to stick to human hookups looks like lol

HG: you will get bored with no girls though

HG: maybe you can just lie to the trolls to get with them and then when it gets pissed off enough let it kill you to make itself feel better hah

BI: hahahaha yeah maybe

BI: does that count as like hatedating tho dude ?

BI: don't wanna accidentally get into some kind of pigtail pulling shit here lol

HG: oh oui i forgot that they do that

HG: gregory had better watch his fucking ass or equius will want to hate date him hah

BI: hahahahahaha kinky > : D

HG: but actually i do not think so since equius told me i should just smash gregorys head in with a shovel

HG: fucking hell

HG: trolls are fucked up

BI: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

BI: man but they're like uhh

BI: shit you probably didn't watch star trek hahahah

HG: no

BI: ok yeah was gonna do a whole like, man they're aliens prime directive shit but

BI: yeah trolls are fucked, lol

HG: oui

HG: i half the time think i should just figure out a way to kill them all

HG: but then they are sometimes pretty fucking funny too so

HG: j'sais pas

BI: lol

BI: yeah I mean earth dudes get pretty fucked up too

BI: plus we can't even like

BI: get to them besides the dream bodies

BI: which is a no go now :-/

HG: oui

HG: fucking bullshit

HG: i cannot believe i fucking died again i do not know how you fucking put up with it

HG: and it made gregory all upset and shit again which was annoying as hell

BI: lol dude I bet

BI: people freak out when you die in front of them man that's like

BI: standard shit

HG: i do not

HG: okay not after the first few times at least

HG: and anyway gregory has seen me dead before

HG: at least

HG: maybe he has

HG: he has always been sort of vague about that

BI: yeah dude dunno, like, more normal shit

BI: skirty about dead people

BI: shrug~

HG: well whatever it is still stupid

HG: i have to kill this monster shit

HG: i am just pissed off at it now

HG: how close are you to yours

BI: man I'm taking my time

BI: hahahahahah

BI: so who knows lol I'm just trying to help my little planet bros here

HG: oui i guess that is the smart fucking thing to do

BI: lol probably not but like

BI: dunno I was always shit at video games anyway it's like oh shit sidequest?

BI: fuck yeah let's collect all the chinpokomons

HG: well i do not know apparently i went too fast

HG: even though that should be the fucking point

HG: but maybe you can get away with that sort of shit more since you are the time player or whatever

BI: yeah lol maybe I can just like

BI: do a whole back to the future thing and

BI: come back all leveled up

BI: back to the future 2 I guess like when doc brown has the souped up car

BI: that'd be sweet

BI: I dunno

BI: anyway kyle and stan wanted to have like a strategy meeting or shit, I dunno

BI: maybe we should be comparing notes or shit better lol

HG: oh oui?

HG: i sort of forgot that kyle was here

HG: well more like i forgot he was not here all along

HG: i do not know anything about anything

HG: except do not fucking die

BI: yeah lol well you've been busy and shit so it's all good

BI: but for real sitting down and all like

BI: here's the plan dudes

BI: isn't a bad idea

HG: oui probablement

HG: i will let gregory organize it

BI: yeah lol

HG: are we inviting cartman

BI: then maybe it won't turn into the kyle and eric fistfight hour instead hahahahah

BI: dunno dude like, prooobably should?

BI: dude's gonna just fuck shit up if we don't

HG: will he not anyway

HG: if it is not his plan he will not listen and will get us all killed

BI: lol yeah but then at least we know what hes' gonna go do to fuck shit up

HG: well

HG: oui


HG: well you should be the one to let him know then

HG: or i can

BI: lol whatever dude doesn't matter to me

BI: I'll do it if you wanna avoid him hahaha

HG: i do not care really

HG: i do not mind him too much

HG: not as much as gregory does or anyone else really

BI: lol well dude you're probably like the least pissed at him of anybody hahaha

BI: how'd that even happen

HG: why are you pissed off at him

HG: i have not really been paying attention to anyones bullshit since i was too busy fucking dying

BI: lol I'm not

BI: but I don't count I guess I'm not really pissed at anybody hahah

HG: oui

HG: you are not pissed at anyone and i am a little bit pissed at everyone

HG: both are good ways to be

BI: lol A+ we got our shit together, man

BI: hahaha

HG: hah oui

HG: it is nice to talk to someone not a fucking alien

HG: or gregory

BI: lol dude greg's not that bad he's totally trying, right ?

BI: but I guess everybody's kinda finally on the track to trying shit finally hahahah

BI: slow start but whatever

HG: i mean oui

HG: mostly i just talk about the game or am trying to explain bullshit about humans

HG: so it is nice for some normalness i guess

BI: hahahaha dude

HG: talking to gregory is fine naturellement but it is the game and the game and oh christophe are you okay and of course i am fucking fine

BI: come to LoCaG and getwasted with me and we'll do all kinds of normal shit

HG: oui

HG: when i find my way back to the surface of my planet

BI: sweeeeeet

HG: this is my quest bullshit it makes me stuck underground which is fine normally but i cannot dig out of these mazes

HG: or the whole fucking thing will collapse on me

HG: bullshit

HG: but oui

BI: lame

BI: so what you gotta get through the maze?

HG: and steal whatever is in it apparently it is really fucking bullshit

HG: stupide as hell

BI: dude you put your hand on the righthand wall

BI: that's how mazes work hahaha

HG: that does not help when half the maze is fucking

HG: void or whatever

HG: i do not know

HG: it is just not really there most of the time

BI: huhhhhh well

BI: if the wall's like

BI: voided out man

BI: just like

BI: steal the wall's void for yourself ?

BI: then it'll show up

BI: : D

BI: your powers are the worst dude for real

HG: huh

HG: i had not thought about that

HG: how the fuck do you steal nothing though oui that is fucking bullshit

BI: want it really hard?

BI: lol

HG: i want it hard always

HG: hah

HG: but oui maybe

HG: i will try that

BI: : )

HG: once i am done though oui weed and booze and all that shit

HG: and we will stay inside your house because fuck if i am looking at tits the whole fucking time

BI: hahahahah dude whatever

BI: they're not like giant disembodied fleshy bits lol

BI: just like hills and buildings and stuff that look boobish > : )

HG: still fucking disgusting

HG: if they were dicks that would be different

HG: but whatever you like, i guess

BI: lololol

BI: there's always the bigass bongs

BI: everybody likes those amirite

HG: well

HG: oui

HG: you cannot turn those down at least

HG: you are just lucky that your planet is useful

HG: and your aspect

HG: and everything

BI: yeah but dude I bet your shit'll be cool once you figure it out

HG: not as cool as time travel

HG: but whatever

HG: i will try at least

HG: the invisibleness is okay

BI: hells yeah dude

BI: sneaky as shit

HG: oui hah

HG: i will figure out how to spy on the trolls or some shit

BI: oh shit dude

BI: hellz yeah

HG: oui then we can figure out what to do with them

HG: kill them or not or whatever

BI: man whatever let's just like

BI: bring them back home to earth with us hahaha

BI: sit them in front of some barney the dinosaur

HG: hah

BI: heartwarming disney movies

BI: get their shit sorted lol

HG: oui they will be all fucking love and friendship and shit

BI: beautiful : ,)

BI: I bet they could totally be cool they just have shitty alien shit to figure out first lol

HG: oui i mwn

HG: mean*

HG: they are mostly okay sometimes

HG: when they are not being insane

HG: at least that is how equius is

HG: i am not sure about the others but that is probably true too

HG: i am still worried they would blow up fucking earth if we take them back with us though

BI: huhh yeah maybe

BI: dunno dude people've blown up earth like 20 times

BI: whatever

HG: oui including us now

HG: thanks to all this bullshit

BI: lol yeah guess so, damn

BI: that's like 3 times fuck dude I feel bad now, shit

HG: well at least this means we can probably fix it again

HG: if we do not fuck up

HG: so on the other hand probably not

BI: lol dude no way we're gonna

BI: ROCK THIS hells yea

BI: optimismm fuck yeah

HG: optimism is bullshit

HG: no fucking offence

BI: hahahahahah

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