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BI: lol dude you kick eric's ass yet ?
KTS: Dude, nah, not even yet.
Trust me, fatass is going to get what's coming to him.
So long as it doesn't involve aliens and I guess public flogging.

BI: lol that's gonna be awesome no lie
KTS: Dude seriously what is with us and always finding bizarre aliens
KTS: I mean just once I'd like to have just one normal, sane alien.
Just once.
I mean okay the Marklars were pretty cool.
I guess they kind of count.
BI: marklar was full of bros, dude
those guys knew what was up
KTS: Yeah, I mean earth could've learned a lot from them. And even their language was pretty straightforeword.
/font>KTS: Still though, duude jesus christ.
BI: hahahahaahah I mean I dunno dude like
BI: could be worse
BI: at least they're not shoving shit up anybody's butt
KTS: Aw jesus, alright that's true, you have me there.
KTS: But still, I think I'll be fucking happy with a good old fashion ass whooping over archiac practices like murder and flogging.
KTS: I mean fuck me for having morals here.
BI: yeahhhh they're kind of uhh
BI: murderhappy
KTS: Yeah I mean Stan did warn me.
KTS: And I still think we'll get through this game better if we work together.
BI: man stan's pissed off like every single one of them
BI: he's like the antitroll lol
KTS: Aw man I know, trust me.
KTS: I haven't been hearing the end of it, though I guess he has his reasons.
KTS: I can't exactly blame him.
BI: nah he just likes when he can be a dick to somebody who deserves it hahaha
KTS: Yeah, yeah pretty much how it is.
KTS: Though I probably wouldn't mention that him.
BI: hahah no way
KTS: Right, though fuck things have been going pretty smoothly though so far, I mean especially with Stan over here helping guide my ass through some of these begining game mechanics.
KTS: I think fatass has been the biggest fallout, though there was a close call with this goth NPC outside.
BI: man you guys seriously the npcs are like
BI: chill, if you stay cool
KTS: Man, Kenn, dude
KTS: I have like.
KTS: Seriously.
KTS: I mean actually Jersey acting NPC assholes
KTS: All lined up yelling and partying
KTS: Into the late, late AMs
BI: lol sounds fun dude
KTS: Oh god
BI: I should come to your planet hahahah >:D
KTS: Oh jesus.
KTS: Well Ike would probably be happy.
KTS: I had to leave him there kind of holed up.
KTS: From what Stan said we have to get further into the game before he gets to move anywhere.
KTS: Uh, he's not thrilled.
BI: dude that sucks. :-/ prototyping people should be like
BI: against the rules
BI: shit's fucked up
KTS: Dude, right
KTS: What the fuck is that.
KTS: I mean, it was completely by accident apparently.
KTS: And alright, I should've maybe kept a closer eye on it but how was I supposed to know my brother was going to turn all ghost game guide
KTS: Dude, I just fucking hope things will be fine when we get back.
KTS: Like I doubt I can be the one to explain to my mom how that happened.
BI: yeah dude we're gonna play a hard reset on this shit
KTS: Christ in a fucking bun dude
KTS: Hard reset?
BI: reboot ?
KTS: Wait, can we do that?
BI: like dunno dude with the nintendo and you press the like
BI: button
BI: it's a fuckin video game why not ?
KTS: Well, I mean, do we even know how it works?
BI: nope hahaha
KTS: I still can't figure out how even the mechanics exist to make all of this possible.
KTS: Not that it's anything super crazy comparitively to what we usually deal with.
KTS: But regardless, it's kind of incredible.
BI: exactly, dude
BI: and this time we got superpowers so like
KTS: Duuude fucking hell Kenny
KTS: I meant to ask, seriously.
BI: or supposed to get superpowers motherfuckin Time shit piece of shit
KTS: How'd you even find out about your super powers?
BI: like the regular ones or the game upgrade lol
KTS: All I have so far are like Alchemized items and weapons, which don't get me wrong
KTS: Kick ass and all
KTS: But nah, I mean the powers, like Stan was talking about.
KTS: And fatass.
KTS: How the fuck did fatass figure out his powers
BI: oh yeah yeah like
BI: lol he hasn't
KTS: Figures
BI: dude can't do shit yet
BI: anyway dude I think it's some kinda personal journey zen bullshit
BI: but I figured it out cause.... I figured it out eventually, and my shit was disappearing via inter-time-personal theivery
BI: dude is there like a good word for you-from-the-future?
KTS: Uhh future self?
KTS: That's about as good as I have.
BI: that is dumb as balls dude
KTS: Yeah well, whatever man, as good as future anything
BI: ok yeah so MFTF (me from the future) stole my FUCKING PIPE, DUDE
BI: like right under my goddamn nose!
KTS: What, wait really
KTS: Oh man
KTS: Dude that is crazy
KTS: And confusing actually...
BI: and then like a week later I was mega drunk and really, really wanted it, and figured since it'd already happened I could probably just like, grab it? from MFTP (me from the past)
BI: and then I alchemized karen's old see and say with a clock and can go like thirty seconds backwards but it pops me all over the goddamn planet, fucking bullshit.
BI: what's confusing?
KTS: I see, so dude it's more like a self-fullfilling prophecy deal.
KTS: I mean, I guess the idea that you'd be stealing things from yourself in the past.
BI: yeah I guess ?
KTS: Could you steal something from us way back in the past? That could be really useful dude!
KTS: Though I guess it'd only work maybe for things that already dissappeared.
BI: uhhhhh
BI: maybe? like what
KTS: Well, I'm not sure off the top of my head. Like, I don't know, something no one would even give a shit about.
KTS: Hey what about fatass's old toy he had for like
KTS: Ten years after he should've thrown it out.
BI: dude he's like psychotically attached to those things you really want to watch him flip his balls cuz polly peemypants has gone AWOL?
KTS: Well, technically it would've already happened.
BI: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm like which one man
KTS: Hmmm, well, I think he still has like Clyde Frog, right?
KTS: So it'd have to be one of the other ones that went missing early on.
KTS: Wasn't there this big fucking dramatic thing Cartman did
BI: man everything he does is a big fuckin dramatic thing
BI: lol
KTS: Dude, yeah, no fucking kidding.
KTS: Try taking that doll and seeing what happens.
BI: lol
BI: ok let's try this shit
KTS: Like, see how far back you can go dude, reach for the stars
KTS: Hell yeah.
BI: ok I got a... doll
BI: with like, a bullet hole in it
KTS: What, aw dude
BI: weak.
KTS: Totally weak.
KTS: But at least you got it.
KTS: I mean that just proves it, right?
KTS: Dude, you can probably grab all kinds of fucking things!
BI: lost treasure of montezuma aw yeahhhhhhhh
KTS: Dude fucking right, hell yeah!
KTS: And it's like pre all this apocolypse shit
KTS: Man what happens if you try and talk with us from the past.
KTS: Dude. That seems like a pretty fucking awesome power, Kenny
KTS: I hope I have half of something that cool, Ike couldn't really tell me a whole lot
BI: did your jersey dudes tell you what you're supposed to be ?
BI: that's like the place to start
KTS: Aw--what, seriously?
KTS: Aw jesus christ, no. I avoided them like the plague, dude.
BI: well dude my salamander dudes or whatever the fuck they are were allllll like, OMG IT'S KENNY omg Time powers
BI: so man it up maybe and ask anyway lol
KTS: Ah goddamn it.
KTS: Does this mean Stan gets to get his information from the goth dudes outside?
BI: yeah kinda
BI: honest I think he talks to the aliens more than his planet dudes but they clued him in about the space shit, for real
KTS: Aw man. I guess that means I'll eventually need to go back to my planet before moving on
KTS: That or message Ike
BI: yeah lol throw your little bro to the jersey dudes way to go
KTS: Well, you said they wouldn't like attack us! Aw jesus, arlight, alright, I'll go back myself and ask them
BI: I mean they're not supposed to but don't jersey dudes just like, fight to say hi and shit
KTS: Aw goddamn it.
KTS: Yes.
KTS: That's actually pretty much completely accurate.
BI: maan
BI: jersey's the fuckin worst, dude
KTS: Dude! Right!?
KTS: And guess what, I had a fucking banana as my item to enter the game
KTS: And then Ike is my ghosty guide, dude I have no idea what's with this game and fucking us over
BI: yeah lol it's pretty much like
BI: every other southpark day tho let's be real
KTS: Auuurgh, yeah. Yeah, you're certianly not wrong there.
KTS: Oh and of course fatass making me his sprite?
KTS: Auughhhhh
BI: yeahhhhh
KTS: Just what I fucking need
BI: I mean, though, for real, that's pretty everyday shit too
KTS: Yeah, yeah.
KTS: I know.
KTS: But motherfuck dude
BI: just kick his ass before you lose it to aliens hahah
KTS: Don't worry, I'm not about to let this slide
KTS: I mean especially if murder is on the plate?
KTS: Like, dude.
KTS: Let's at least try and win the game
BI: we're totally winning man it's all good
KTS: I heard something about teams actually
KTS: Is that an actual, real deal?
KTS: Like, we're actually vs those aliens?
BI: uhhh
BI: yeah we're not sure yet ?
BI: like whether it's like us v them or we're supposed to be playing coop or it's just a fuck up in the game or shit
KTS: Do we have anything to go by? I mean, fuck as long as we win I'll be happy, but it'd be nice if we had a little bit more to work off of.
BI: dunno, dude, you could ask the Sollux troll? he keeps moaning about everything's busted in memos but like
BI: dunno, I don't think they know all that much more
BI: I could ask terecita when I see her
KTS: Yeah, I kind of figured as much.
KTS: You definitely should
KTS: It might help us in the grand scheme of things, you know?
BI: yeah totally
BI: she's pretty chill about shit anyway
KTS: I always feel as if there's like this big old goddamn lesson at the end of all of these giant adventures and I'd really like to beat it to the punch instead of scrounging and fighting around for two weeks just to turn out we have to hold hands and sing cumbaya with the aliens or something dude.
KTS: Aw that's good, I mean, that Sollux guy seems sort of okay. He's definitely intelligent dude, like jesus christ you should read some of this coding!
KTS: The entire basic construction of just the algorythms alone is just mind blowing amazing
BI: dude I don't know what any of that said hahaha
KTS: I can't believe the kind of stuff I might be able to do in the future because of this
BI: that's cool, though
KTS: Yeah, yeah sorry
KTS: Stan kind of points out I rant a little with that
BI: it's all cool, whatevs
KTS: But it is definitely cool. I think I might try and contact him, see what he knows about all of this.
BI: yeah tell him I can send him some more codes for potcookies if he wants them
KTS: Aw jesus, you shared the potcookie recipe?
BI: dude I'm like fucking jesus up in here feeding the poor
KTS: To be fair Kenn, your pot cookies have always been the fucking golden best
BI: trolls don't even HAVE pot, man
BI: fucking tragedy
KTS: Nah, they probably have some crazy alein drug dude
KTS: Like mega murder weed
BI: yeah it's some kinda green shit but I can't get a good answer on what it does so like
BI: saving that for ~later~, lol
KTS: Dude, just make sure it's not going to end up like blowing your insides out or something alien retarded
BI: yeah that'd suck hahah
KTS: Not that when we have some of this stuff under control I wouldn't want to hang out and rehash some weedcookies and aliendrugs
BI: hellz yeah
KTS: Me and Stan have been totally stoked for it dude!
KTS: We gotta meet at your world, dude sounds fucking boss
BI: you can put the video chat shit on my computer that'd be sweet
BI: my world's the best, man
BI: hands down
KTS: Ah god I heard dude what the hell
KTS: How did you even end up pulling that end of the straw?
KTS: Stan totally said something about tits and ass and something
BI: >: )
BI: it's like, buildings and hills and shit that look like all kinds of the more favorable sex
BI: and these bigass 15 feet bongs
BI: ~~curves and glass~~
KTS: Oh jesus, dude what the hell
KTS: See, we have fucking GOT to make your world base headquarters
KTS: Hands down, dude.
BI: sounds good dude
BI: : ) party all the time
KTS: Hell yeah, sweet
KTS: I think somewhere along the line the portals meet up with yours
KTS: I'll need to ask Stan, I think he has a better handle on all of that than I do at the moment, honestly
KTS: Oh right though we also have those crazy dream lives, don't we
BI: yeah lol
KTS: Albeit I have no idea if they exist even in the same solar system as us
BI: I dunno, dude, I think so? I mean, like, me and stan flew from derse to prospit ok, but we didn't see any planets on the way ?
BI: before mine died hahah
KTS: Aw fuck dude, I heard about that
KTS: Like, that one ww Troll, right?
KTS: Man what a fucking bastard
BI: yeah fishtroll
BI: whatever, man, I don't really care like
BI: better me than one of you dudes but like
BI: yeah dick move I guess
KTS: Dude, totally dick move!
KTS: I don't know what I'd do if you ended up dying for like good
KTS: And with these weird game mechanics it's like who the fuck knows
BI: man it'd probably be some total dumbshit shit like
BI: becoming one with the spacemonsters and fuckery I dunno
KTS: Ah jesus, yeah probably
KTS: Like some weird alien death space
KTS: That would really suck
KTS: Either way, I'm giving these guys a chance, but I'm not about to forget what they did to you
KTS: Or not keep that in mind
KTS: I'm almost
BI: yeah just be like
KTS: nervous about fatass
BI: dunno, careful hahah
KTS: If he keeps making enemies like this dude, the fuck
BI: like the ones I talk to all the time are really chill! but they're used to killing each other so
BI: yeah he's gonna get his ass whupped
KTS: Yeah, I'm fine with asswhooping, so long as it doesn't devolve into archiac medieval shit dude
KTS: Or kinky shit as Stan puts it, but that's Stan.
BI: lol stan's mad cuz he was hitting on one of them I guess hahaha
BI: without knowing it
KTS: Oh what, really
KTS: Okay dude, you gotta share those details.
BI: yeah I mean he says he wasn't but it's like dude you go to france and say something rude in french it doesn't matter that you don't really know french, y'know?
BI: lol hahah it was so dumb dude so like
BI: the aliens have like, normal dating and I guess like, hatefucking
KTS: Hatefucking?
BI: yeah like hate + fucking dude it's not that complicated lol
BI: (except they don't do hookups it's pretty much the end of my life here)
BI: and I guess stan was flirting with his troll in the hatefuck way without meaning to and then he got all stupid hahah
BI: so maybe that's what he meant by kinky I dunno
KTS: Oh man.
KTS: Okay, weirdness aside here dude, like, that is kind of hilarious.
BI: lol right!
BI: funny as fuck
KTS: Is it with that uh
KTS: Capslock yelling guy?
BI: yeah with shouty troll haha
KTS: Oh man, okay, that is good
KTS: I'll really need to bring that up with Stan at some point dude
BI: hahahah yeah
KTS: Hey
KTS: Wait a second
KTS: That isn't what Cartman and those Trolls were talking about, was it
BI: dude eric's like, fucking going native or shit, I don't even fucking know
KTS: People do know he is just doing what he did to fuck with me, right
BI: yeah as usual
KTS: Like no one actually believes fatass is being anything but his usual fucking fuckoff annoying self
KTS: Okay, well, that at least if nothing else is fucking saving grace
BI: like that he thinks he's a real troll or like the other shit ?
BI: I don't think anybody cares dude he's pissing the aliens off by playing happy matchmaker and everybody from southpark already hated him lol
KTS: Aw jesus christ.
KTS: All I am saying, man, all I. Am. Saying.
KTS: He is going to get himself killed
KTS: And fuck up our entire game
KTS: Just watch.
BI: lol maybe
BI: at least he's got an extra life this time
KTS: It's Cartman's speciality to fuck everything up royally
KTS: And yeah, I guess if nothing else that's true.
BI: it'll be fine dude don't worry about it
BI: shit's been worse hahah
KTS: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm just saying, man.
KTS: We are, I guess, technically ahead
BI: yeah it's all good :)
KTS: And if nothing else I have been working up that weird echiladder thing
KTS: How far up on that are you by the way?
BI: man I've been like, slacking hardcore on that
KTS: I'm wondering if maybe our powers and power ups will be like essential later on in the game play
BI: I was spending a lot of time asleep for a while trying to get some shit figured out
BI: need to get my questy shit done
KTS: Quest shit? I think I read something about that in the guide but. Aw jesus dude, there is like so much I don't know still.
BI: it's cool dude I spent like the whole first week we got here fucking up my weapon equip thing so
BI: you're ahead of the game haha
KTS: Ah dude well that's a relief
KTS: I was kind of really worried at how far behind I was
BI: nah nah you're fine dude
KTS: Okay awesome, I'll just have to keep powering up as we get through the game I guess.
KTS: I'm still lost over this frog business Stan was going on about.
KTS: Like, frogs.
KTS: Dude, what.
BI: dude to be honest I've been totally zoning out when he talks about the frogs
BI: there's a lot of bitching about shoutytroll whenever they come up
BI: it's just like, dude, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
KTS: Right!
KTS: That's literally all I get
KTS: All the time.
KTS: I even ask about the frogs and man we are not even touching on them
BI: lol
BI: yeah so I got nothing on frogs besides it's got some shit to do with frogs and trolls
KTS: Yeah, pretty much same here, dude.
KTS: I guess there's probably some significance in that both Stan and ShoutymcCaps have to work together to figure it out and complete the task.
KTS: I'm still kind of curious how that all fits in together, to be honest.
BI: yeah lol maybe
BI: we should all find troll buddies to work with
BI: dibs on terezi
KTS: Actually, that might not be a terrible idea for the long run.
KTS: I really don't mind working with Sollux so far, that's for sure
BI: yeah he's legit haha
KTS: Crazy intelligent, dude. I mean, even if it's hard to work out what he's saying
KTS: Is that a Troll thing?
BI: uhh
BI: the like
KTS: The way they type. I was just sort of going to assume.
BI: yeah I think so
KTS: Yeah, like with the s's 2's and ii's and things
KTS: I don't know dude, maybe it's like of cultural importance
BI: yeahh I didn't ask
KTS: Do you know Trolls have a structure of hierarchy based on blood color?
KTS: Apparently it's this entire dystopian cultural divide that base the nature of survival on seperate shades of blood color.
BI: yeah it's some kind of biological shit ?
KTS: It's kind of nuts dude
BI: dude they all kill each other all the time I think their whole thing is dystopian
KTS: Yeah, no man, I think you're right.
KTS: I think that's what "cull" means
KTS: Like genocide
BI: yeah yeah like uh
BI: kill but it's not murder I guess?
KTS: I'm not really sure, to be honest.
KTS: It's still kind of vague, but I can at least get an idea of where their whole flog and murder thing comes from
BI: stan said they were like space klingons dude I think that's probably like
BI: a good way to look at it fuck if I watched that much trek
KTS: Oh, well, I guess that could make sense. I mean, I was never really into Star Trek but I can see how a culture derived and built around the concept of honor and violence could end up existing in a much more futuristic setting
KTS: And I mean to be fair, dude, Klingons are already from space
BI: dude whatever maybe some klingons were born on earth you don't know
BI: that's like calling all black people african american ok some of them are from like, england
KTS: Okay, okay, I guess you kind of have a point. Though they were originally from space.
BI: sure
KTS: Either way, I'm still kind of hoping we'll all end up on the same page in the game, space klingons or not
BI: yeah that'd probably make shit easiest
KTS: You said that uh Teresa troll chick, she's pretty cool, right?
BI: yeah she's awesome
KTS: Well, at least that's a relief. But yeah dude, maybe you guys could totally work together.
KTS: I think I'll try and work with Sollux as much as I can. Stan's kinda got Capslockmcshout guy
KTS: I should probably tell fatass to just stop talking to them.
BI: hahahah probably
BI: sweet everybody's got a troll but eric and he lost his chance so whateverr
KTS: Yeah dude, fuck fatass
KTS: Honestly I figure all he'll do is piss them off more anyways
BI: yeahhhhhh :-/
KTS: Cartman can work on whatever it is we don't finish or figure out. I'm kind of afraid he'll have some bullshit ability we'll absolutely need later on or something.
KTS: And if he has an issue with that he can stop being such an egotystical unknowledgeable asshole
BI: yeah dude probably hahah
KTS: Either way, we'll get this thing in the bag, dude.
KTS: Just a matter of working it all out together, rebooting the system, and going back home.
KTS: Or beating the game.
KTS: Personally, I'm pretty on par for the last one so we don't have to go through all of this again.
KTS: And so we can actually win this thing, I mean there's that too.
BI: yeahhhh dude groundhog day shit would suck
BI: fuck that
KTS: Yeah man, I mean I guess it'd give us a leg up if we remembered.
KTS: But then again can't you just use your time abilities to go back and tell us everything we'd need to know once we have this game figured out?
BI: uhhhh
KTS: Maybe that in itself is some kind of massive reboot since it changes the future.
KTS: Or I'd kind of assume.
BI: yeah dude I don't think it works like that
KTS: Damn it.
BI: not without some kind of fuckup thing
KTS: Yeah, I guess that'd be too easy.
BI: yeah lol that's cheating hahah
KTS: Man, Stan said something similar when I brought that up
KTS: We'll probably just end up having to play the game through like always
BI: lol yeah
KTS: Dude, so I'm talking with Sollux
KTS: I was thinking, like, maybe even just on the dream worlds or something
KTS: We could invite some of the trolls to just hang out
KTS: I'm not sure we can get like weed and soda (I dunno dude Sollux said something about it being like marijuana) over there
KTS: But if there's a city, there's gotta be some kind of bars, right?
BI: sure dude why not
BI: sounds fun! >:D
KTS: Yeah! I figure it'll be a great chance to both unwind and get to know each other's cultures more respectively
KTS: Sollux seems to be under the impression our entire game's fucked over, you're right dude. He says game sessions aren't even supposed to have two seperate teams from different worlds.
BI: yeah I mean makes sense it's kinda weird and all but
BI: fuck it, we're gonna do our thing
KTS: Yeah dude, that's completely what I thought
KTS: Like, dude, if we work together, maybe it'll even end in our benefit
KTS: Could even turn it into our favor if we do this right
BI: like, what, get some kind of sweetass treasure reward for winning?
BI: that'd be hella nice
KTS: Dude, that'd be fucking the best.
KTS: I don't know though, the last time I worked my ass off on a video game it just ended in me and Stan being labeled faggots
BI: lol yeah well
BI: dude guitar hero is kinda different
KTS: Okay dude, guitar hero still kicks ass
KTS: Though all in all I think I'm going to hope for a better reward
KTS: Getting back home would be good enough for me
KTS: Preferably un-meteoroided
BI: yeah fuck those things man
BI: how bad was it when you got here ?
KTS: Dude, it was bad.
KTS: Like hell on earth kind of bad
KTS: You couldn't even recognize the town anymore
BI: damn, dude.
KTS: Yeah, man. And no one knew where you guys went, like damn.
BI: that sucks, dude, damn
BI: I feel bad now :-/
KTS: Nah, nah dude, I mean shit worked out in the end either way.
KTS: And I'm not about to believe the world is done for.
KTS: I mean how many fucking times have we heard that before
KTS: And half of the time it was just retarded unrelated shit
BI: dude right it's like at this point another yawn yeah we're doomed whatever we get it
KTS: And we always ended up right back at home, as per usual, hitting bongs back at your place or sitting around Stark's fishing
KTS: Or ziplining but I'd rather not remember that one
KTS: Yep, dude, the only time I'm going to accept our world and we are done for is when the axe is actually coming down.
KTS: Even then dude, whatever, fuck
BI: when the fuck did we go ziplining dude
KTS: Oh my god, you don't want to remember.
KTS: Dude Kenn, if you've burned it from your memory, trust me, man it's for the best.
BI: sweet
KTS: Yeah, I mean, dude. We thought it was going to be fun. We thought it was going to be fun, Kenny.
KTS: If I can't say anything else
KTS: It's that I'm just relieved even in the midst of annihalition
KTS: That it will never, ever happen again
BI: hahahahahahaha
KTS: No ziplining for me ever dude
BI: yeah fuck that
BI: thank you, captain morgan, for erasing that bullshit
KTS: Amen to that dude


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